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What To Pack For A Trip To The Sahara Desert

What To Pack For A Trip To The Sahara Desert

Morocco is an exhilarating   country. And no trip here will be complete without exploring the Sahara Desert from Marrakech. With the sun reflecting in the spectacular reddish yellow sand dunes, unrelenting winds during the day, and gorgeous stars during the night, it’s an experience you like no other in this world.

But once you leave civilization behind to take on a once in a lifetime adventure in the magnificent desert, it is essential that you have a packing list of what to bring so that you are prepared, and  to ensure a perfect experience.

What You Should Bring

There are luxury campsites that do provide some items, but if there are brands that you prefer, you may consider bringing those with you. If the itinerary of your trip to the Sahara Desert includes a desert trek in its more remote areas, make sure to pack just those that you unquestionably need. You are also allowed to store several of your bags in the hotel you’re staying at while you’re camping in the desert, so it is ideal to bring along a small bag where you can put your sleeping clothes, extra clothing for the next day, and a few toiletries.

With that in mind, here’s a list of what you should bring along with you in the Sahara Desert:

  1. Bottled water. It’s very arid in the desert and keeping hydrated is crucial. Depending on your water intake, consider picking up at least a couple of 1.5-liter bottle in one of the supermarkets in Marrakech or at the hotel or riad where you’re staying.
  2. A big scarf or a cap that’s tight fitting. Your scarf should be big enough to cover your face or turn into a turban. It’ll keep sand away from your mouth and nose once the wind starts to blow. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a turban, you can wear a tight fitting hat or cap.
  3. Clothing with zipped pockets. You can keep your sunglasses and small gadgets like your MP3 player in the zipped pockets. You don’t want those items falling and never see them again when you’re riding on a camel.
  4. Ziploc  bags. You can put used toiletries here such as wet wipes and tampons if it’s the time of the month.
  5. Wet wipes. Majority of camps do not have water available except for the bottled waters you have with you.
  6. Basic toiletries in a small bag. Your toiletry kit should include a pair of sunglasses, contact lenses and solution if you’re wearing one, moisturizer, lotion with sunscreen, travel toothpaste and toothbrush, antibacterial hand wipes, soap, and mini deodorant.
  7. Sleeping sheet. A mattress and blanket will be supplied by tour operators most of the time, but always double check when booking your trip to the Sahara Desert. If you want to bring your own, consider a satin sleeping bag since it’s the most lightweight.
  8. External battery. If you love taking pictures and bringing along cameras and Smartphone, it is crucial to have backup power so that you’ll never miss any chance of capturing the beauty of the Sahara.
  9. Camera protection. One of the biggest enemies of cameras is sand. Placing them in a special casing or a ziploc  bag will keep them safe when traveling by camel or walking along the sand dunes.

When going on Marrakech Desert Tours, it is important that you’re very comfortable to make the most out of this spectacular experience. If you have more questions about visiting the Sahara with Marrakech Tours,  send us a message or give us a call today.