Private Morocco Tours

Here is a selection of our most popular tours in Morocco

175 Euros

Marrakech to Zagora 2-Day Tour

  • Two day excursion to the desert from Marrakesh to visit the Draa Valley and the Zagora Desert . Enjoy a magical night in the south of Morocco.

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260 Euros

Marrakech To Merzouga 3-Day Tour

  • Enjoy our Marrakech To Merzouga 3-Day Desert Tour. All have daily departures from Marrakech. Discover the most charming places of Morocco .

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320 Euros

Marrakech To Fes 3-Day Tour

  • 3-Day trip of to the sahara desert of Morocco, exploring the most interesting places in Marrakesh, sleeping one night in tents in the desert, and discovering the enigmatic city of Fez.

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330 Euros

Fes To Marrakech 3-Day Tour

  • Discover Fez, one of the main cities of Morocco. Fall in love with its fascinating culture on our 3-day tour to Marrakech.

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380 Euros

Marrakech To Merzouga 4-Day Tour

  • On this exciting 4 day trip from Marrakesh, you will enjoy the charm of southern Morocco. In this tour you will live the experience of spending a night in a tent, after which you will see a dawn that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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480 Euros

Marrakech To Fes 4-Day Tour

  • On this 4 day desert tour to Fes. You will visit the impressive Todra Gorges, roam the Erg-Chebbi sand dunes atop of a dromedary, and discover the city of Marrakesh and Fes.

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590 Euros

6-Day Imperial Cities tour

  • Discover the beauty of the imperial cities of Morocco . Visit Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Volubilis, Meknes and Fes.

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690 Euros

7-Day Imperial Cities tour

  • On this 6-Day Imperial Cities tour you can discover the magnificent Sahara Desert and the Imperial Cities, with regular departures from Marrakesh.

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890 Euros

8-Day Imperial Cities tour

  • On this journey into the desert you will discover such magical places as the Route of the kasbahs, the majestic Atlas Mountains, and the Imperial Cities .

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Private Tours In Morocco Tailored To Suit Your Adventure

People visit the Kingdom of Morocco for different reasons. Perhaps you wish to explore the desert and observe what the Todgha Gorge is all about, or maybe you wish to experience the flora at Majorelle Garden and the Rose Festival first hand and in person. No matter the purpose of the visit, at Marrakech tours, we know that you want to make the most out of the little time that you will have on your hands – time flies when you’re having fun, so you need to make sure you truly enjoy every minute of the time spent in the country.

We have a trained team available that will be there for you 24/7. Whether you simply have a few questions, found a monument that you truly want to visit, or wish to make a few changes to your plan – such as extend your trip in order to see more of this beautiful place.

Our Morocco private tours are customized to suit you. Upon visitation our tour center, you will be asked a few questions to help us understand what you expect from your visit to Morocco. This will help us understand what we need to do to make your time truly memorable.

Here are the best private Morocco tours from Marrakech and Fes

TourPrice Per Person
2-Day Zagora Desert Tour175 Euros
3-Day Merzouga Desert Tour260 Euros
3-Day Marrakech to Fes tour320 Euros
3-Day Fes to Marrakech tour330 Euros

A tour guide will be assigned to your trip in order to show you around,and to help make your experience in this country pleasant. All of our tour guides are professionally trained and often locally employed, ensuring that you get a taste of the local culture while you are touring the country.

Those responsible for overseeing our Morocco tours are also fluent in English and languages spoken within the country. This can help avoid any type of communicational barriers that may occur when you wish to buy something, make use of services, or perhaps speak to the local people, but cannot effectively communicate due to their language.

What To Do And What To See In Morocco

Morocco is a truly beautiful country, and there is quite a lot for travels who decide to use our private tours in Morocco to see. We will advise clients on a few great packages that they can choose from, but you are always welcome to specify particular areas of the country that you wish to visit.

Some of the most popular areas to visit within Morocco include: Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier, Errachidia, and Marrakech. Hotels are found in most cities. When participating in desert tours, a range of different camping options will also be available, including luxury tents with built-in facilities that will make your stay more convenient and enjoyable. More affordable options are also available for those traveling on a smaller budget.

Marrakech Tours proposes that you discover the authentic Morocco, with its impressive landscapes, full of contrasts, and meet its people and learn their customs and their culture. Feel as you never have before through the spectacular sensations that the Sahara Desert will give you.

We will organize an unforgettable private Morocco tours for you - a different way to travel and discover Morocco. With our 4wd vehicles, tour the country, and achieve maximum enjoyment of each and every one of the small, remote places the country offers.

Our Morocco private tours are adaptable to any request, and are open to your suggestions, provided that they are viable. We are backed by years of experience and we are happy to offer our know-how to make your Morocco tours an unforgettable experience.

Let yourself be carried away by Marrakech Tours... and have an authentic adventure with us!!!