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The Most Luxurious Hotels in Morocco

The Most Luxurious Hotels in Morocco

Hotels are a place which provides you with a cultural association and experience of the country’s tradition and culture. Every hotel provides a great range of cultural service that makes them stood out and tourists also try to find such places.

So here are some of the best traditional luxurious hotels with all modern comfort to make your stay more pleasant in Morocco.

Mandarin Oriental

Located in the city of Marrakesh, this luxurious hotel is just perfect for you to spend your holidays here in Morocco. This hotel is itself a different world that will give you a lifetime of luxurious memories. The spacious large rooms and a personal pool attached to it is just a bliss. Enjoy a day staying in the hotel while you can treat yourself with the best service of this hotel and take a nice warm sunbath with a nice glass of decorated cocktail. The interiors of this hotel are very beautiful with marble floors, Moroccan tiles and a garden surrounding the outside area. There is also a great outdoor pool where you can go and enjoy. Also, there is a big terrace, from where you can see around the city.

Four Seasons Hotel

To experience the ultimate Arabian vibe, you might need to stay in this hotel. Located in between the old and the new city, this place is a true paradise. The rooms are huge with various luxurious suites. The outside of the hotel is so pleasing with a beautiful fountain and the amazingly lush, green garden. The rooms are perfect with a blend of tradition and modern technology so that you get to live in a most exotic way with extra comfort. There are also three famous restaurants with various cuisines to offer to their guests. From Moroccan to Lebanese to International dishes you will get everything on the menu.

Hotel Sahrai

Located in the imperial city of Morocco, the Hotel Sahrai is a five-star luxurious hotel where you will get the feel of a royal treatment with the friendly and professional staff and their warm greetings. The lobby is beautiful with fountains and you will find lights everywhere in the hotel. The rooms are so big with a very decorative interior and a full glassed bathroom. From marble floors to the shower all speak of luxury. This hotel has a famous French restaurant, Le Relais de Paris, where you can enjoy your favorite meal. One of the most attractive facts about this hotel is, it is the only one which will provide you with a Givenchy spa with all tier authentic products, in entire Africa.

Fairmont Royal Palm

This Luxurious hotel is a great place to stay in Morocco with so many attractive features that it provides to you. Fairmont Royal Palm offers some of the most luxurious services to their guests. The garden of this hotel with all those beautiful palm tresses is so beautiful to gaze at. The enormous pool is so exquisite. Great for a family stay, it is also a child-friendly hotel with many activities to indulge in. From tennis court to yoga session to relaxing spa you will find everything in this hotel. The rooms and suites are a treat to stay, with a fireplace and spacious interiors. Enjoy a great view of the Atlas from the terrace of this hotel. When is Morocco this is one hotel you must consider to stay to have the ultimate satisfaction.


Located in Marrakesh, this five-star hotel is close to the Atlas, and you will be able to visit the Atlas from here as there are means to take you out there. The surrounding of this hotel is so beautiful that it will surely go to your Instagram feed. The picturesque setting and the serene beauty of this place is truly amazing and the experience by staying in this hotel will be totally satisfying. From gym to spa and other sources of activities, you will find whatever you ask here. All the rooms have private pools and the suites are just like a royal treatment. The interior of this hotel is all decorated in neutral colors which gives it a perfect balance of homeliness and sophistication that you will love about it.

Sofitel Marrakesh Lounge and Spa Hotel

This hotel is a luxurious spa hotel that is located in Hivernage. As soon as you will enter the hotel you will find a totally different world waiting for you. The peaceful environment of this hotel is totally opposite of what you will see outside. This hotel has the best service with some of the best staffs to care for their guests. The interiors of this hotel are truly Moroccan with colors and sophistication. Pay a visit to the town’s most famous restaurant, the l’Orangerie, which serves the best fusion of Moroccan and French cuisine.

Sofitel Rabat Jardin Des Roses

This hotel is just a few minutes from the Royal Palace. The name of the hotel actually came from the Andalusian garden with 3000 roses that gives a picture perfect location for you to take pictures and make a wonderful memory out of it. The modern furniture and luxurious rooms are quite exotic to stay in. There is an amazing restaurant where you can have delicious servings of Moroccan dishes. The beautiful interior is truly inspiring. Indulged in the spa and enjoy your night in So Lounge, a famous club in this hotel. Enjoy the views of the surrounding from your private balcony with a perfect glass of wine.

La Mamounia

This hotel is rather famous among the stars and celebrities and war heroes. La Mamounia has a great Moroccan style décor that is aesthetically pleasing. The rooms are magnificent with their arrangement in sophisticated Moroccan style décor and bathrooms with full white marble setting. You can definitely get an idea now as to what a luxurious hotel it can be. The suite is even larger with so many other luxurious amenities. The hotel has some of the most beautiful chandeliers that are so alluring. A stay in this hotel is considered as experiencing the rich culture of Morocco with luxury.

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay

Located near the Fnideq beach, this is basically a very luxurious beach resort that is perfect for those who love the ocean and want to spend their holiday near it. The spectacular Mediterranean views are just a treat to the eyes. There are 8 private villas with 24 hours private service and some great staff to look after your comfort. The large master bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, and a cozy living room are just a perfect place to spend. great for couples as it leaves much private space. The backyard is full with a big pool with lounge chairs and great oceanic views. Enjoy the luxurious spa and maintain your fitness in the gym and yoga room. This is also a child-friendly hotel and has a special pool for the kids.

Morocco has some of the greatest hotels to stay in. From mountain ranges to beaches you can pick your favorite place and its nearby hotel to stay. Some of these hotels are great for family and some for couples. Overall they will give you some of the most luxurious moments of your tour in Marrakech.