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Camel Rides in Marrakech

Sunset Camel Ride in the Palm Grove of Marrakech

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Camel Rides in Marrakech
Camel Riding
Camel Riding
Marrakech Camel Rides
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Marrakech camel Rides

A first-time trip to Marrakech is never complete without experiencing a magical Marrakech camel ride where caravans once filled the desert landscape.When you don’t have the time to enjoy a 3 or 4-day desert tour deep into the Sahara, a camel riding experience through the Marrakech Palmeraie is a definite must.

The Palmeraie sits just outside the city of Marrakech and covers a total area of 54 square miles packed with over 100,000 palm trees that provide shade from the hot African sun. You can take a half-day Marrakech camel riding, or choose from one or two hours of camel riding through the scenic villages and palm trees that make the palm grove a true oasis in Marrakech. Choose from an early morning ride, late afternoon, or evening to experience an authentic Moroccan adventure. The late afternoon trips are spectacular due to the beautiful sunsets you’ll be able to witness along the paths.

Here is the itinerary for the Palmeraie Marrakech Camel Rides experience:

  • Your guides will pick you up at your Marrakech hotel, where you will be escorted into an air-conditioned vehicle to take you to the starting point of the tour in the palm grove area. You will then be given instructions on the proper and safe ways to ride a camel, given a traditional Cheich, which is a turban veil that helps to protect you from the sun, and you will then be led to a fully saddled camel, and assisted by one guide.
  • You will then ride through local villages where you will witness the culture and lifestyles of locals who live on the outskirts of the city, as well as explore the vast and rugged palm grove, with snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas region as your backdrop. Along the way, or halfway through the ride, you will take a break and visit a traditional Berber home, where brewed mint tea will be served by the family who resides in the home. After which, you will continue with your tour.
  • By the end of your Marrakech camel riding experience, you will then head back to the starting point of the trip, where your guides will bring you back to your hotel.

Camel riding in Marrakech is an absolute must in Morocco, along with shopping in their world-famous souks, visiting the grand mosques, exploring open squares, and indulging in traditional Berber food. It’s a calm and relaxing adventure, allowing you to take a glimpse of what it was like to traverse the desert roads during ancient times, and giving you an authentic Moroccan experience.

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