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    Marrakech Sahara Tours

    Marrakech is a gem in North Africa known for its unique desert tour experiences. Desert tours from Marrakech are popular day tours for tourists from around the world. You won’t find a tour experience like this anywhere else in the world. Make your reservation with Marrakech Tours to embark on a journey through the golden sands of the Moroccan deserts.


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    For more than 10 years, Marrakech Tours has been rated #1 in provided immersive Sahara tours from Marrakech. Experience the Moroccan culture while traveling through the Saharan Deserts on camelback.

    Professional desert tour guides take you on a journey through the soft sands and desert heat to reach our luxurious camps designed to give visitors an authentic local experience. Taste the local foods, sip fresh mint tea, dance to rhythmic drums, and more in the peaceful desert setting.

    The breath-taking views of the desert sunrises and sunsets will make your trip unforgettable. Our top-rated Marrakech desert tours takes you from your peaceful riad to the golden deserts of the Sahara for the experience of a lifetime!

    How to get to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech?

    Marrakech Tours offers daily departures traveling from Marrakech to the sahara desert . We provide van transportation to and from Marrakech that you can ride in privately or with a group to reach our camps.

    You’ll be driven in one of our air-conditioned luxury minibusses or 4 x 4 SUVs.

    How much do desert tours from Marrakech cost?

    We provide sahara tours from Marrakech suitable for all travelers. You can book a private tour or join a group tour as a budget-friendly option.

    We have tours ranging from 2-Day desert tours costing as low as 55 Euros or luxury desert tours priced at 225 Euros. Browse our tour page to find the best desert tour for your trip.

    What is the best time to visit the Moroccan Sahara Desert?

    We provide Sahara tours from Marrakech all year-round. The Sahara Desert is one of the hottest deserts in the world – any time of the year, you can expect hot, sunny days, with a refreshing breeze through the night.

    We’ll ensure a comfortable environment during your tour so that you’ll find ultimate pleasure.

    How long does it take to get to the desert from Marrakech?

    We have a variety of Marrakech to desert tours depending on your stay in Morocco. You can travel slowly and visit some of the neighboring towns en route to the desert that can typically take 1-2 days.

    Other desert tours from Marrakech are more direct to pick you up from your accommodation and arrive at the desert within 8-hours.

    What is the closest desert to Marrakech?

    While the Sahara Desert is the most popular desert tour from Marrakech, it’s not the closest. We have day trips to the Agafay Desert for travelers short on time but still want to experience a unique desert tour experience while in Morocco.

    The Agafay desert is located just minutes outside of Marrakech.

    What should you pack for the trip?

    We pride ourselves on providing quality hospitality for guests on our tours. Overnight tours include accommodations and meals for the day.

    We recommend bringing along water, protective headgear, and anything else you might need for an overnight stay. And don’t forget your camera for the breath-taking photo opportunities!

    What to wear for your Sahara Desert trip?

    Keep in mind that the Sahara Desert is hot and immerses you into the desert heat. We recommend having protective headgear. Thin, lightweight clothing can also shield your skin from harmful sunrays.

    Our desert tours include rides on camelback, and the camel hairs can be irritating to the skin, so long pants may be preferred during the tour.

    Which dunes should you visit in Morocco?

    One of the best parts about touring through the desert is the enormous dunes. We offer tours to the Merzouga Desert, home of the famous Erg Chebbi dunes, or to the Zagora dunes.

    These dunes are the best to visit in Morocco for incredible views and adrenaline-filled activities, including dune buggy riding and sandboarding.

    Is Morocco safe for female tourists?

    There is always a question about safety when traveling, especially for female travelers. Morocco is very safe for female travelers, and we receive lots of female guests on our tours, even solo travelers!

    It’s always important to exercise precautions while traveling – during our tours, you’ll always be with a group or guide with knowledge of the local area and customs.

    What to do in the Moroccan Desert?

    The Moroccan desert is a sea of sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. Whether you’re joining us for a day tour or a multi-day desert tour experience, we provide lots of fun activities for you to enjoy.

    Some of the favorite desert activities include camel rides, quad biking through the sand, and a cultural dinner complete with music and dancing all night long.

    Which desert tour should you choose?

    We offer a variety of desert tours from Marrakech. Depending on your travel plans while in Morocco, we have a tour best fit for a memorable experience.

    Choose between our top Zagora Desert Tour, a two-day experience, or our Merzouga tour, available for three- or four days. Each gives you a unique desert experience with the more extended tours offering more nights (and fun!) in the desert.

    Should I book a group tour or a private trip to the Sahara Desert?

    Travelers love booking tours with us because we can cater to the tour experience for a private party, or bring you along one of our group tours with like-minded travelers seeking a desert adventure.

    The tour preference depends on your budget. Our group tours are lower costs and lets you meet great people from around the world. The private tours can be great for a more intimate experience in the desert.

    Should you book a Morocco Sahara Desert Tour in Advance?

    If you’re thinking about embarking on one of our Morocco desert tours takes you from your peaceful riad to the golden deserts of the Sahara for the experience of a lifetime!

    , you should book it in advance. We have tours leaving daily from the city, but because of the popularity, they can fill up fast.

    We have a high demand for our group tours and private tours, so make your reservations as early as possible to ensure you’ll get to join in on the experience during your trip.

    Which luxury desert camp to choose?

    We have many luxury desert camp packages available for private and group tours. Each of our luxury desert camps includes accommodations, dinner, and breakfast for the duration of your trip.

    You can look forward to traditional entertainment and authentic Moroccan hospitality during your stay.

    Is the Sahara Desert in Morocco safe?

    We have more than 10 years of experience providing desert tours from Marrakech into the Sahara Desert. Our local guides ensure the safety of everyone during transportation, desert activities, and even at night at our desert campsites.

    You will be able to enjoy your desert tour in peace with safety measures considered for a pleasurable experience for our guests.

    Marrakech Tours is the #1 choice for desert tours from Marrakech. You’ll have a memorable experience in this rare opportunity to see the Sahara Desert from a local perspective.

    Browse our Marrakech desert tour packages and find the best tour to fit your adventure wanderlust. Make the most of your trip to Morocco when you book a tour with us today!