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Is the Sahara Desert in Morocco safe

Is the Sahara Desert in Morocco safe

When you are traveling to Morocco then you should visit the Sahara desert. The Sahara needs to be there on your travel bucket list as it is one of the largest deserts and an amazing attraction of the world. Enjoy the dunes, ride on the camel and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.

Yet, some people are constantly worried about their safety, especially when staying in the desert overnight. Earlier there were many stories about the rebels or horror stories specifically in the remote regions. If you don’t know much about the country, it is understandable to be misguided about the concerns.

So let us tell you it is completely safe. We have never encountered any such issues while arranging the tours for our travelers.

  • Camps that are being run are under the supervision of the hotels. They never put up their camps in endangered places. They always place them in the region where they are familiar.
  • Desert tours are very safe and worth visiting. Add a trip to the Sahara desert today as it is the most important highlight to experience in Morocco.

Here are a few important tips we would like to share based on our experience :

  • If you are a solo female traveler then you should be a little more careful. Avoid traveling after midnight especially at quiet places.
  • Watch out for what you wear. Dress conversely yet conveniently.
  • The Sahara desert is perfect with clear sky, orange dunes, and camel riding. Be assured of the safety aspects in this region.
  • You might get confused between different desert tour names. So to help you, we would like to clarify that there are two main spots where you get to see the big dunes :
    Erg Chebbi in Merzouga, Erg Chegaga Zagora. Agafay desert is a rocky desert where you can enjoy daily activities. It is a 45 minutes driving distance from Marrakech.
  • You cannot do one day trip to the Sahara desert
  • You need a minimum of 2 nights to spend in the desert. When traveling through Marrakech you will pass across the Atlas mountains. You can plan to spend the first night in the hotel across the Dades valley or rose valley.
    After a 3-4 hours drive when you reach Merzouga you can experience the sunset camel trek. Enjoy some quiet time under the stars in the desert camp.

Best time to visit

April-October is the great month to travel to the Sahara Desert. Many camps are closed during the summers as the weather is too hot and gets as high as 50 degrees. During the winters, it is pleasant.

  • While traveling to the Sahara desert make sure to carry
  • Comfortable clothes, shoes
  • Windbreaker or light jacket for cooler nights.
  • Headscarf or hat to block sun and dust
  • Sunscreen protects from the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Flashlights for use at night at the camping location.
  • Medications as per your needs and requirements.

Things to do in the Sahara desert

  • You must do desert camp overnight. It is one of the most beautiful, magical experiences to spend time camping under the stars.
  • Camel trekking in the dunes.
  • Listen to the Gnawa music, the real music of the desert.
  • Meet and interact with nomad families.
  • Take a 4×4 tour for those who love adventures.

Sahara desert is one of the few places on the Earth that is truly incredible. Running across the North-South along the eastern border with Algeria, the Sahara desert is the most popular and world’s largest desert. It covers an area roughly the size of the entire US.

Travelers especially visit Morocco to venture and enjoy quality time in the Sahara desert. A Desert tour from Marrakech is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one shouldn’t miss it.

So if you are planning a desert tour from Marrakech, let us know our team can help you organize a memorable trip.