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How do I choose which Morocco desert camp to stay at

How do I choose which Morocco desert camp to stay at

How do I choose which Morocco desert camp to stay at?

So you are all set to travel to Morocco and are excited about camping in the desert. All your preps are done but you are still exploring and researching the desert camps. The internet is filled with tons and tons of content which can be confusing for you but don’t you worry, we are here to guide and assist you with your concerns.

A desert tours from Marrakech stands incomplete without visiting the Sahara desert. Riding off the dunes during the evenings to spending nights under the blanket of stars, it’s always an enchanting experience to be here.

Be sure to check all the necessary details before you set foot in the deserts especially concerning the accommodations. It is important to take assistance from a reliable local expert in the region who knows in and out of the country and one who can take you through plenty of options. To make things easier and seamless, we are going to discuss the options you have while you want to camp in the deserts.

To make it easier for you, we are going to try and talk you through the options right here. Most importantly, when you are deciding where you should stay, you should foremost consider your budget. When you are visiting the desert in Morocco, then your budget may be the identifying factor for choosing the place to stay. In Morocco, there are standard desert camps and luxury desert camps.

Standard desert camps in Morocco

These camps are simple but they are comfortable too. Here you will have to share the washroom facilities, the decor remains minimal and simple. You may or may not have solar power facilities. These camps offer great value for money.

Luxury desert camps in Morocco

The luxury desert camps in Morocco are beautiful, impressive, and offer plush, luxury facilities. They have private facilities for showers, solar power, or electricity and are filled with lovely decor, coziness. The camps offer extra blankets at the foot of the bed and extra facilities to meet your needs. You will get to experience luxury facilities that are simply unbeatable. From linen to food, ambiance, rugs, and flooring everything is going to be top-notch. There are excellent facilities that you are surely going to enjoy.

The standard and luxury desert camps differ in several aspects like:


The standard camps have tents made of black wool and inside you will find blankets or carpet covering floors. You may find only mattresses or beds.

Luxury tents are bigger and have proper bedding facilities with furniture.


The standard camps have toilets that are to be shared by everyone in the camp. In luxury camps, you will find a shower, sink, and toilets right inside the tent. Some camps may even have washrooms attached to your tent.


Standard camps don’t have any built-in facilities. They may have restaurants but most of them are equipped with campfires where meals are served.

Luxury camps have basic facilities as part of their camp. They provide salons, lunges, and dining restaurants.

Activities to enjoy

Standard camps offer camel trek to and from the camp to the nearby locations and sandboarding at additional cost.

Luxury camps include many activities like trekking, sand surfing, guided walks, and driving in the desert dune in a 4x4WD.


Standard camps are affordable and on average can range from €40 per person per night.

Pricing in the luxury camps varies. Some may even cost you around €100 per night.


The quality of food can vary from camp to camp. In terms of food, it does not matter if you are staying in standard or luxury though you will notice differences in the presentation. In luxury camps, they are presented in a better and a nice manner and you have a lot of variety to taste.

Tent Types

Standard tents are made of thick black wool and can make it hotter to stay inside. Luxury camps have a white exterior and are made up of handmade materials. In some camps, during the winters they also offer some kind of heating support.

If you are planning your stay at the camp and need assistance with luxury desert tours from Marrakech then you can get in touch with us. We hope the information we have shared will be helpful for you to decide which camp you are going to stay at.